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Please help us get these charges dropped by emailing the Director of Public Prosecutions. Because each message we are sending goes to his personal account, the impact every one has is much greater.

When politicians or company executives receive just ten letters on a subject they regard it as a significant indicator of public opinion.

Together we can make sure we hold our government responsible for the decisions taken in our name. We can also let them know we are not about to let the war in Iraq conveniently slip off the public radar.

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Vote4Peace will be following the trial of O’Connor and Keogh as it unfolds, and we will keep you in touch with developments. We do not expect them to be given a date for the trial to begin in the Crown Court until November. In the meantime we will:

  1. Keep up pressure on the Director of Public Prosecutions, urging him to drop the cases.
  2. Press the Attorney General on his attempts to frighten the UK press into writing nothing about the Al Jazeera memo.
  3. Work with our friends in Parliament to push for the publication of the Al Jazeera memo.
  4. Gather funds and support for a campaign of newspaper adverts.
  5. Try to keep the war in Iraq on the public agenda. The media seems numb to the ever increasing human cost of bombs and violence in Iraq, shaming us all.

The alleged plan to bomb the Al Jazeera network adds a fresh and embarrassing twist to the story for both UK and US administrations. Thank you for your help.




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